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Archive of videos where David discuss common Amazon Seller questions.
Vine Review Program Reviews and Sales
In this video, I'll be talking about the Vine Review Program on Amazon. I'll explain how it works, the pricing tiers, and the benefits it offers. I'll also share some insights on the number of reviews you can expect and the impact it can have on your sales volume. If you're looking to boost your reviews and sales, this video is for you!
When to Use Amazon's Transparency Program
In this video, I discuss the transparency program on Amazon and how it helped protect our brand from unauthorized sellers. I share a personal story of how we used transparency to enforce a licensing deal and prevent non-payment. I also explain the pros and cons of the program, including the extra steps and costs involved. If you're a brand owner looking to protect your buy box or prevent hijackers, transparency can be a useful tool.
Seller Central Suspension from Multiple Seller Accounts
In this video, I discuss the deactivation of my Amazon seller account and my efforts to resolve the issue. I share my confusion regarding the verification process and the subsequent deactivation of my new account. I request a thorough review of my case and express my willingness to comply with Amazon's policies. No specific action is requested from viewers, but any guidance or insights are appreciated.
Report Counterfeits on Amazon
In this video, I discuss a recent incident where we discovered a seller selling counterfeit products under our listing on Amazon. I explain the steps we took to address the issue, including making a test purchase, documenting the differences between the counterfeit and genuine products, and reporting the abuse to Amazon. I also emphasize the importance of leaving negative seller feedback and encouraging the buyer to report the counterfeit issue. If you're dealing with counterfeit sellers on Amazon, this video provides valuable insights and actionable steps to take.
Reporting Amazon Sales Without 1099-K
In this video, I discuss how Amazon reports income to the IRS for tax purposes. I address the question of what amount Amazon reports if you didn't receive a 1099 form, and I explain that they report the top line sales, which is the unadjusted sales for all your transactions. I also provide guidance on how to fill out your Schedule C and advise putting miscellaneous costs before Amazon fees on your P&L. If you find this video helpful, please subscribe and leave a thumbs up!
Amazon Listing Title Change Error
In this video, I address a common issue faced by sellers on Amazon: not being able to change product titles. I discuss a specific error message that you might encounter and provide a potential solution. If you're experiencing this problem, it could be because your listing was created in another account or linked to a previous brand owner. I suggest checking if you listed the product in another account and making the necessary changes there. Remember to delete the listings on your current account for 24 hours before relisting. I hope this video helps you resolve the issue!
Overly Competitive Wholesaling Prices on Amazon
In this video, I discuss the issue of sellers offering products at extremely low prices, causing a lack of profit for wholesalers. I explore the reasons behind this, including distribution structure, undercutting by distributors, and parallel trading. I provide insights into how wholesalers can be vulnerable to these challenges and offer suggestions for navigating the distribution network. If you're interested in understanding the dynamics of pricing in the e-commerce industry, this video is for you. Don't forget to subscribe and leave a thumbs up if you find this content helpful!
Amazon A-Z Claim Against Ship By Date Issue
In this video, I discuss a recent issue where Amazon refunded customers for late shipments, despite us proving that we shipped on time. I share a specific case where a client shipped the same day but was still penalized. I provide advice on appealing A to Z claims and suggest pricing in a buffer to cover potential losses. If you're facing similar shipping challenges, watch this video for insights and solutions.
Dealing with USPS Shipment Issues
Hey everyone, in this Seller Forum Discussion, we're addressing a common problem with USPS shipments. Book Lane shared their experience of a package being stuck in transit for a month, and they're unsure how to handle it. We discuss the challenges of getting support from Amazon and suggest reporting the loss on the USPS website. Our recommendation is to refund the customer, explain the situation, and guide them to file a missing search on the USPS website. We also advise considering UPS or FedEx for future expensive shipments.
Dealing with Hijackers on Amazon Listings
In this video, I address a common issue faced by Amazon sellers - hijackers. I discuss the case of Nancy, who has been dealing with hijackers selling inferior products on her listing, resulting in lost sales and negative reviews. I provide step-by-step instructions on how Nancy can report abuse, provide evidence, and get the hijackers removed from her listing. If you're an Amazon seller facing a similar problem, this video will guide you through the process of protecting your listing and maintaining your sales. Don't forget to subscribe and leave a thumbs up if you find this helpful!
Understanding Default Settings for FBA Item Disposal
FBA Settings you should update in your Seller Central Account: Fulfillment by Amazon Settings & Automatic Removal Settings under Fixed Stranded Inventory

In this Seller Forum Discussion, I address a post about a seller whose inventory was unjustly destroyed by Amazon. The seller received a counterfeit product complaint, resulting in their listing being deactivated. Despite submitting the necessary documentation, their inventory was still destroyed. I explain the automated settings in FBA that can lead to inventory disposal and offer advice on how to prevent this from happening. This video aims to provide important context and guidance for sellers who may face similar challenges.
What Qualifies for Seller Feedback Removal
In this video, I address a negative feedback left by a customer regarding a returned product. I provide evidence of assisting the customer throughout the return process and clarify any misunderstandings. I explain the grounds for requesting a strike through on seller feedback, including obscene or personal information, and feedback solely about a product review. I also discuss the conditions for strike throughs when the item is fulfilled by Amazon or the merchant. I emphasize the importance of providing excellent service to outweigh any negative feedback. Action requested: Subscribe and leave a thumbs up.
Calculating Product Margins for Amazon FBA
In this video, I discuss the challenges faced by sellers on Amazon due to the high fees imposed by the platform. I highlight the various fees that sellers need to consider, such as referral fees, FBA fulfillment fees, and storage costs. I also emphasize the importance of tracking profit margins to avoid losses. The information provided will help sellers make informed decisions and understand the financial implications of selling on Amazon.
Increase Product Review Rates on Amazon
In this video, I discuss the issue of not receiving customer feedback on Amazon and share a trick to boost review rates. I explain that automated review requests and email reminders can come off as spammy, so I suggest a more labor-intensive method. I demonstrate how to manually request a review through the Manage Orders page and explain why it's more effective. Additionally, I recommend waiting until the last couple of days of the 30-day timeframe to request a review, allowing customers to return the product if unsatisfied.
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